Danang-Happy Valley-Hill 55-An Hoa Combat Base: Fullday

Danang-Happy Valley-Hill 55-An Hoa Combat Base: Fullday

Danang-Happy Valley-Hill 55-An Hoa Combat Base: Fullday (L).

At 8am, you will be met by our guide at the lobby to drive to Happy Valley, This area was an ancient hiding place for annamites when Chinese invaded from north in ancient times. Was NVA stronghold used for staging attacks on Da Nang, usually with 122mm rockets.  The valley was actually named the Suoi Ca valley for the stream which ran the length of the valley but no one could pronounce the name so everyone referred to it as Happy Valley.

The NVA and VC made this place a very unhappy for ARVN and US Forces. Initially a Marine AO, it later was patrolled by elements of the Americal Division. Spend your time to explore the erea by yourselves.

After Happy Valley, we will drive to Hill 55 known as Camp Muir, The base was named Camp Muir after LTC Joseph Muir, commanding officer of the 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines who was killed by a booby-trap on 11 September 1965. As the hill was the dominant terrain feature in the area, the 7th Marines, supported by mine-clearing LVTE-1s of the 1st Amphibian Tractor Battalion and engineers from the 3rd Engineer Battalion took control of the hill, demined it and established a base there in late January/early February 1966.

After Camp Muir, we will drive across the New Liberty Bridge (near the old Liberty Bridge) to An Hoa Combat Base.

The Liberty Bridge was constructed in 1966 and located in Dai Loc District, Quang Nam Province. It was built to enable the Marines to move men and material across the Song Thu Bon south to An Hoa Combat Base or to a jump off point for Operations to be conducted on Go Noi Island.

The bridge was constantly under attack and was destroyed several times, either by VC or nature. It underwent several changes but was finally destroyed when the North Vietnamese were victorious over the South. The only thing that remains of this structure are several pilons that project out of the water.

We will have lunch along the way before heading to An Hoa.

An Hoa Combat Base was first used by the Marines in January 1966 during Operation Mallard when the 1st Battalion, 12th Marines established a firebase there while the 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines and a Company from the 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines swept the surrounding area. 20 April 1966 the Marines returned to An Hoa on Operation Georgia, the 12th Marines reestablished a firebase while the 3rd Battalion 9th Marines provided security, the base would become permanent at this time as the Marines sought to pacify the area.

The base is now just a ruin but you still the runway is still there.

Spend  your freetime to walk around the base before we head back to Danang. On the way back we will stop at Marble Mountain Airfield Facility, China Beach and US Naval Hospital.

Back to your hotel late afternoon.



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