BNA Vietnam Battlefield Travel is a private agency founded by Loi Nguyen, a local guide with nearly 20 year-experience in Vietnam’s tourist industry. Working as a guide, he has met and talked with veterans who served on both sides of the Vietnam War.

Loi understands and respects a veteran’s desire to return to the places where he or she served. There will come a time when there is an opportunity to return to Vietnam and revisit the the sites that so profoundly shaped them for the rest of their life, places that have deep meaning for them—places with the names like Khe Sanh, Hue, A Shau Valley, Hamburger Hill, Chu Lai, An Khe, Ia Drang, Bien Hoa, and many more. Have YOU thought about coming back?

In Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Tet Offensive (1968-2018), if you are thinking of returning to Vietnam, this is a timely opportunity to join us to see the battlefields of your youth.

We have NO Experts to tell you about the battlefields but YOU. You are our Guests and Story-Tellers. We will SHARE the Stories and  Experiences.

Our tours are not only about the War but also about Vietnam’s Historical sites. Come to Vietnam—one of Asia’s Most Exotic Countries—to experience its Heritage, Culture, and Beauty.

We look forward to welcoming you to Vietnam soon.